Commissioned Pieces

Send me a story, a memory or a description of a person and I will design a custom piece based on what you describe. Give me as much or as little guidance as you want. View examples of previously commissioned pieces below.

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Inspired by love and loss and the line that connects us. Even when broken there is a space in which what we were and are will always remain.

14k gold with rose gold details.


Inspired by the drawings of a friend’s mother. The curves in the domes trace the lines and memories of her mother and her hand.

Sterling silver with patina domes.


Inspired by conversation, inspiration and love. Sometimes relationships feel like water – endless refreshing and replenishing. This one goes out to my CBCT squad.

Sterling silver with brass details.


Inspired by community.

Sterling silver with turquoise and black opal stones.

Wall Jewelry

Ikea flush mount set into painted wood with brass detail.

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Selected Value: 75